Monday, April 30, 2007

Shows for week of 4/30

Happy end of April, everyone. The sun is coming up earlier and setting later, and that does wonders for my energy level. Yaaaaaay solar system! :) Here are some shows to celebrate with:

Monday, 4/30
Jarvis Cocker at the Showbox

Wednesday, 5/2
Kings of Leon at the Moore Theater

Thursday, 5/3
Arctic Monkeys at the Showbox

Friday, 5/4
Somehow there is another Elvis Costello cover night going on. You might recall there was just one held at the Croc like a month ago. This one is at the Sunset Tavern and is a benefit for 826 Seattle. It features Dept of Energy, Shorthand for Epic, and a ton of other folks, many of whom I don't know.

Llama, The Tripwires, Sgt. Major and The Riffbrokers are at the Comet

Slender Means does another CD release (...?) at Easy Street Records

The Decemberists are at the Paramount Theater

Saturday, 5/5
Ozma is at El Corazon

Boy Crush, Conservative Dad and the Lund Bros are at the Skylark Cafe (West Seattle)


Anonymous said...

And which of these lovely shows would you recommend for a newbie like me?ht

Seattle Powerpop said...

That my friend is what the weekly "if you're only doing one thing" post is for, and I'll be posting that one in just a moment!