Thursday, April 19, 2007

Warning: No powerpop content

My wife and I went to our first Sonics game last night, in fact our first NBA game ever. Her office got free tickets. So, off we went.

Now, I've never been an NBA guy. I love college basketball, UNC in particular (since I worked there for 5 years). But, the NBA can suck it for all I care... and the Sonics did just that last night.

Anyway, I somehow have managed to not know that the Sonics mascot is a freakin' Sasquatch. How could I not know this? Is this common knowledge? Sasquatch rules. :)

Anyway, "Squatch," as they call him, was the most entertaining part of my NBA experience. He came out of the rafters, Mission-Impossible style, to start the game, and he launched a dunk from mid-court off a ramp wearing roller blades. I'm all about the circus aspect of professional sports.

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