Thursday, May 03, 2007

Boss Martians write a song with Iggy Pop

In addition to serving as the opening act for his Seattle tour stop recently, The Boss Martians report that they have co-written a tune with Iggy Pop for their upcoming album. Here's their post on the matter:

Word from the studio is... WE'RE ALMOST DONE! We mix the last few songs for the new album next week and trust me, we CAN'T WAIT to get this fuckin thing done and out there -- finally.

For any of you interested we'll post some pre-release tracks on the page for you to check out. Also, this new album will include the song we wrote with IGGY FUCKING POP -- he wrote the lyrics, we wrote the backing track -- it's fucking KILLER sounding and we can't wait to roll it out on you all.

They also posted about some shows in Seattle and Bellingham that are coming up later in the month. So, you'll have a chance to rock out with them soon.

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