Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Noise For The Needy

Noise For The Needy has released their full schedule for 2007. The events are going on the week of June 5 and go through the 10th (that's next week). It's a pretty lengthy list of bands and shows, and you should support them all, because it's a good cause.

This year the beneficiary of the shows is an organization called Ris n' Shine. Here's some info from the official press release about them:

Rise n’ Shine is an organization that provides emotional support programs, advocacy, and mentoring for children and teens affected by HIV and AIDS. In 1988, Rise n’ Shine began their program with 5 children, and this figure has now grown to 182. Rise n’ Shine offers many programs including AIDS education, a summer camp, youth leadership programs, and year around mentoring.

“Music is a vital part of the Seattle community and we have an incredible lineup
of musicians this year to support Rise n’ Shine” says Noise for the Needy
cofounder Rich Green. “Rise n’ Shine was chosen because of their great need for
funding and the many amazing things they do to help their kids. We are excited to
be the vehicle to help them gain much needed funds and publicity.”

“We are excited to have been selected” says Rise n’ Shine’s Founding Director
Janet Trinkaus. She hopes the festival will “raise awareness of the needs of
overlooked children in our local communities affected by AIDS; to know of the
volunteer opportunities available to work with these children; and that
individually, they can positively impact the life of a child by volunteering.”

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