Monday, May 21, 2007

The Pop Machine loses some members

The Pop Machine just posted a myspace bulletin with this announcement:

We are not broken up.

Derek has relocated to ATL, Spencer Austin, Tx. Everyone else is still in, or back in Seattle after our rough US Tour.

The band will continue, and we're writing our first album now. Which we will get together to record sometime in the next couple months. So sit tight and don't forget about us.

And when they say "rough US Tour," here's a blog they posted from their experience down South:

Q: What is going on with Huntsville, Al Vs. the Pop Machine.

A: We're a gay friendly band. And they said. "Ya'lls look like girls" and "you are faggots" Etc. Boycott Huntsville and watch out for them because they are fucked up yokels. Like in that movie wrong turn.

there is a cool dude named Josh and Travis who live in Huntsville, Al. We don't know why though.

Oh and also. We got video of the whole inncodent along with alot of pictures and proof that we will be posting as soon as we get back to Seattle.

Bands. Do not go to Huntsville. Unless you wanna be ripped off and pissed on and chased by pitchforks

Hornets nest.

I played Huntsville, Alabama once. I was in a punk rock-ish kind of band whose guitar player was African American. We were hired by a fraternity for some event. We got on site and set up. As we waited until our start time, the attendees of this event started showing up.... in full "prom attire." Turns out it was their formal dance. To their credit, they never asked us to leave or anything. One girl did ask if we could turn down, because it was hard for them to talk over us. :)

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