Monday, May 28, 2007

Red Sky lands a serious punch

Okay, so maybe a boxing analogy isn't really called for when discussing a band as lush and romantic as Red Sky. But, it was the first that came to my head.

The band has been working on a record for a while, and they just reported that they've connected with some folks who are really perfect for helping them get it done. Here's the 411 directly from them:

For those who don't know, we recently left our producer over a difference of styles/approaches and set about finding someone new to mix the record. We wanted someone who would "get" the pretty yet sad nature of our style, and also the sparceness and airyness we cherish, in all its hauntingness and tears-in-the-eyes (both happy and sad) ways.

We're very happy to say (tears in our eyes) that we NAILED IT!!! Enter Tim Mooney, whose credits include American Music Club (his band), Mark Kozelek and Red House Painters, a BEAUTIFUL recent record by Portastatic, and the Bobby Frank/John Murray recording that David Fricke from Rolling Stones just picked as one of 3 classic records to not miss this year, including a specific reference to Tim's production. (You can check out a track from that record at: )

He's excited, we're excited-- and the first week of July we'll head down to San Francisco to start mixing the record with him. So we're back on track, and should have a record for you all to hear sometime this summer.


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