Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Score one for goofy ass rock

For reasons that I can't explain, the doofy fellows in We Wrote the Book on Connectors call themselves mustache rock. In addressing this self-proclaimed moniker in the Stranger's Line Out blog, they said:

Although having a mustache on your face has been scientifically proven to improve your ability to rock out, it is not a requirement for playing the mustache rock. They are optional. Which is a good thing for me because a 12 year old boy could easily defeat me in a mustache growing contest. However, sometimes I wear a fake mustache. I know it’s fake but it helps me feel more like a man. I also like to wear sombreros.

Now, I hardly have the heart to tell them that "mustache rock" as a genre already exists. You can't lay claim to a term that already exists. I mean, you CAN. But, then you'll have folks like me saying things like, "We Wrote the Book on Connectors is no Grand Funk Railroad." Or perhaps, "Triumph really ought to show them what's what with this mustache rock stuff."

So, if they're not mustache rock, what are they? Besides being sophomoric and goofy, these guys are solid musicians that craft simple and to-the-point "college rock" in the 1980s sense of the term. Think They Might Be Giants, The Descendents and so forth. But, they're lyrically quirky while being relatively straight forward musically.

Those who know me know that I generally can't stand jokey bands. For some reason comedy and music rarely is a good combo for me. But, I don't dislike what I'm hearing here. Maybe because for all it's silliness, it's still somehow earnest. If I were still a 16 year old skateboard kid hitting the mini-ramp in my neighbor's backyard I'd probably have this disc on with some regularity while busting my ass. But, those days are nearly 20 years behind me.

When I reviewed the Slender Means' new ep last week I said good rock and roll has to have a certain amount of stupidity to be really good. Well, the dudes in WE (as they sometimes go by when folks like me get tired of typing their full name) probably can't even see line of demarcation on the horizon in their rear view mirror. But, for a moment of stupid fun, it's probably hard to beat this one.

Take a listen to Happy Torso, Bloody Torso and see for yourself.

Blogger's update: I forgot to mention that they are playing a show tonight (5/2) at the Crocodile. I don't know who does their graphic design. But, these guys always seem to have cool posters. Head to their myspace page to see it.


Anonymous said...

We Wrote the Book On Connectors is an ingenius band of uber talent.

Zandra said...

Best. Band. Ever!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh, well, these boys make me smile and shake.

Deb Bee said...

They are toodly-doo and poodley-squat. Better than that even. They are the best, especially the bass player. Cakey, yet mushroomy too. They should go to Iowa and play everywhere there.

K. G. said...

If you think their album is "stupid fun," you should see their shows.