Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Feelings Hijackers

I have to admit I had no idea who the Feelings Hijackers were until about five minutes ago. I was scanning the calendars to see what's going on tonight aside from the Divorce final show. I saw that The Feelings Hijackers are having an album release at the High Dive, so I did some googling.

It turns out that TFH is a project that involves PUSA'a Chris Ballew, and it's sort of an alternative/hip hop thing.

They describe the history of the project on their myspace page thusly:

I got together with Mike “outtasite” Singleton from the subset days and we accidentally started making the sweetest noise I had ever heard….2 songs grew into 5 into 10 into 14 so fast and fun that it took us by surprise…this thing made me jump off the ceiling in the shack and I pulled out every trick I had up my sleeve in the digital realm…acoustadelic swing along crunch-beat jingles sung by lofty cloud high skeletons….

It sounds pretty goofy and somewhat square. But, Ballew sure can write for catchy, even if it's often draped in cheese.

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