Sunday, June 10, 2007

Green Pajamas wma & mp3 files

I like to think I'm relatively up on what's going on with Seattle pop music, especially of the power variety. But, occasionally something happens that makes me realize how much of idiot I really am. For example, I didn't realize that Green Pajamas were still playing shows. But, darned if they aren't playing at the Rendezvous Jewel Box Theater on Saturday June 23.

The folks over at Parasol have a handful of Green Pajamas wma files, as well as one mp3 that you can snag. The links are to the collection of unreleased material that Parasol put out last fall. Here's a direct link to one of my favorites, called "She Turns Me On."

In semi-related news, at the Seattle Powerpop Blog anniversary show on June 29 (Sunset Tavern) each of the six bands on the bill is going to be doing at least one song by another Seattle pop band. The Small Change has chosen Green Pajamas. Will they go the classic route of doing "Kim The Waitress," or will they go more obscure, or both? Come find out.

Green Pajamas then

Green Pajamas now

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