Friday, June 15, 2007

"Guilty Pleasure" night at the High Dive

Yesterday I asked if anyone has any kind of update on Eric Lashes. No one gave me any info. So, I don't really know his status.

But, I do know that as a musician without health insurance, he still needs financial help, and you can assist with that while simultaneously being amused if you head to the High Dive tonight. They're hosting "guilty pleasure" night, featuring a ton of bands, including Young Sportsmen, Black Night Crash and others.

[blogger's edit: I just realized that Pris is on this bill, too. Even more reason to go! If you don't know Pris, don't be turned off by the sound that immediately comes out of their player on myspace, as that screaming isn't necessarily indicative of their sound -- either hang in there for a minute with the one that loads up, or pick another song to listen to]

Young Sportsmen tell me they're covering Metallica, Tommy Tutone and Smashing Pumpkins. The High Dive website promises other bands doing Ashlee Simpson and Toto. But they have the audacity to call E.L.O. a guilty pleasure! Shame on you High Dive!

Just for that, I give you ELO, doing "turn to stone" live.

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Anonymous said...

Nice call, Gary. ELO is a corner-stone for all great PowerPop...even if people don't know it. Cheers, Greg Small Change