Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Heaters CD re-released

The Heaters, the classic Seattle 1970s/1980s powerpop act, just had their fabulous "Have An Idea" album re-released. It is a Japan-only release, but is available in the States via Not Lame. In fact, Bruce from Not Lame was quite jazzed about the re-release and had this to say about it:

2007 Japanese only reissue! Funny how things work...a month ago we were talking about The Heats and saying how sad it was this mini-classic power pop had never been properly released on CD. BOOM! It arrives...with 4 very good bonus trax tacked on! Never heard of The Heats? You are not alone as even many serious power pop fans have and the main reason why was that they were from Seattle and their sole album was strictly a regional release and was hard to find. Now, I found a copy in Boston 1981 and "Have An Idea" was something I played on my college radio songs all the time. Best way to enlighten yourself is not reading this, but clicking on the sound bites and start digging on the skinny tie awesomness of this long lost band.

What do they sound like? Well, you listened to what's below, right? *There* you go! Okay, well, they remind me of the first album from Paul Collins' Beat, the debut from 20/20, Midwestern power pop bands who only released 7" singles like Arlis and The Boys(Titan Records roster) and the first album from The Romantics. Yes, for the real power pop geek, Extremely Highly Recommended!

I may have mentioned this already, because it's Sunday and I've been away from the blog for the weekend and perhaps have forgotten. But, Shake Some Action is going to be covering The Heaters' "She Belongs To Me" at the Seattle Powerpop Blog anniversary show on June 29 at the Sunset Tavern. We were just working on it this afternoon, and it sounds great. I can't wait to debut the cover!

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