Tuesday, June 19, 2007

IPO Seattle schedule

I got my first look at the first draft schedule for the International Pop Overthrow Seattle edition, which is slated for August 24, 25, 26 and 27 at the Sunset Tavern.

Assuming it comes together like this first schedule implies, it's going to be a great four days of music. The Friday schedule alone has me drooling. But, the whole weekend has great bands of past and present that come together to form a shotgun blast weekend of pop.

Here's the schedule (subject to change somewhat):

Friday, August 24: Sunset Tavern

7:30 Beyond Veronica
8:00 The Scheme
8:30 Young Sportsmen
9:00 The Small Change
9:30 Stuporhero
10:00 The Sterling Loons
11:00 The Tripwires

Saturday, August 25: Sunset Tavern

7:30 Crack City Rockers
8:00 Emilio Banda
8:30 The Broadcast Debut
9:00 The Capillaries
9:30 The Color Bars
10:00 Twink The Wonder Kid
10:30 The Snakebites
11:00 Amateur Lovers

Sunday, August 26: Sunset Tavern

7:30 Edmonton Block Heater
8:00 Andrea Wittgens
8:30 Steve Pearson and British Racing Green
9:00 Vanilla
9:30 Before Cars
10:00 Easterly
10:30 Phamous Phaces
11:00 We Wrote The Book On Connectors

Monday, August 27: Sunset Tavern

7:30 Sweet Diss And The Comebacks
8:00 Blackout
8:30 The Cheats
9:00 Lund Brothers
9:30 The Green Pajamas
10:00 Jimm McIver
10:30 Gary Reynolds and The Brides Of Obscurity
11:00 Ionesco

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