Friday, June 08, 2007

Some new stuff from Patience Please

The fine folks of Patience Please have posted a new tune on their myspace page from their forthcoming LP, titled "Fleeting Frequencies." It's clear that they enjoy alliteration (their EP was called "Parallel Plots"), as well as speedy indiepop that reminds me of one of my favorite 7" singles from the mid-1990s from a band whose name completely escapes me. I realize that's a completely useless description for everyone but me.

So, to make up for it, here is an mp3 from Patience Please. It's a different tune than the new one on their myspace page. But, it's bouncy and pleasant anyway.

These guys always name check Elvis Costello and XTC, which I don't hear in their music at all. But, I give them props -- do people still give props? -- for the name checks anyway.

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