Tuesday, June 19, 2007

SPB Anniversary countdown: Day 10

I'm going to do a 10-day countdown about the upcoming SPB Anniversary Show, which is taking place at Sunset Tavern on Friday, June 29. So, good day and welcome to day 10 (Bob and Doug Mackenzie reference anyone?).

Rather than just making the same announcement ten times in a row, I'm going to include something about one of the bands on the bill, or one of the bands being covered, or, heck, the venue itself.

For today's countdown item, we start with the man at the top: Mr. Kurt Bloch, who will be headlining the show as part of Sgt. Major.

Some interesting things happen if you google Kurt.

You can find an old production/engineering resume that was created in 2000 and includes the work that he did between 1992 and 2000. That includes working on albums by Once For Kicks, Flop, Supersuckers, John Wesley Harding, Tad, Gas Huffer, Overwhelming Colorfast, Pure Joy, and more.

His wikipedia entry is surprisingly brief. It says only: Kurt Bloch (born August 28, 1960), is an American songwriter, guitarist, and producer, best known as songwriter and lead guitarist of The Fastbacks. He has also been a member of The Young Fresh Fellows and recorded tracks for Robyn Hitchcock, The Venus 3 and more recently the Tall Birds.

I did not know he played the role of "Chuck, the engineer" in The Year of My Japanese Cousin. But, the Internet Movie Database says it's so.

And, in case anyone is interested, there is also a fellow named Kurt Bloch who is a Harvard Medical School professor, who apparently does some interesting research. He published a paper called "DISCHORD IN THE INNER EAR," which I find completely appropriate for our own Kurt. ;)

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