Wednesday, June 27, 2007

SPB Anniversary countdown: Day 2

Wow, the anniversary show is day after tomorrow (Friday June 29), and I'm super duper psyched up about it. In today's edition of the countdown, I thought I'd tell you more about... ME! I've met a lot of you in person. But, for those who don't know, here's my story.

My name is Gary Miller. I moved to Seattle from Atlanta at the end of 2003. I was born in the South (East Tennessee, specifically) and lived there my entire life up until my Seattle move. I went from East Tennessee to Middle Tennessee to Chapel Hill, North Carolina and to Atlanta.

I've been a musician since my junior year in high school (1987). I wanted to be a drummer, but my mom was having none of that. Two of my skateboarding pals played guitar and drums, and they told me I should get a bass so we could start a band. So, for Christmas of 1987 (holy crap that's 20 years!) I got my first bass and amp. We played our first show two months later.

Fast forward to Chapel Hill in 1993 where I formed the band Gumption with my friend Kurt (who is now in Portland, coincidentally, and has a great solo record out now called Ten Singles). Gumption had a moderate level of success, putting out a 7" single and a six song EP that we recorded with Chris Stamey (of dB's fame).

After that band came to a close, I went to grad school and moved to Atlanta for work. I wasn't very involved in the Atlanta music scene, which (like most of Atlanta) didn't seem very creative to me. So I took up swing dancing and married a great woman named Theresa. Neither Theresa nor I liked Atlanta, so we decided to move elsewhere, and that place ended up being Seattle.

I now play in Shake Some Action and The Scheme. I work at the University of Washington, where I am the assistant director of the Undergraduate Programs Office in the Business School. And, in case my boss is reading this, I do the blog between my student appointments during the day. :)

So, that's my story. Well, at least part of my story.

Shake Some Action, of course, is on the bill for Friday. So, if you're coming to the show, please come introduce yourself. I'll be the one playing bass.

Oh, and one last thing. I love petting animals. Here's a photo of me with a goat.

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