Monday, June 25, 2007

SPB Anniversary countdown: Day 4

If you've looked at the Blog at all in the last week, you'll know that the one year anniversary show is this Friday, June 29 at the Sunset Tavern. And you'll also likely know I'm doing a daily countdown to the show.

Over the weekend I posted about Dear John Letters, of which two Dept of Energy members were a part. But, in today's countdown post, I'm going to talk about DoE itself. This is a band that is really quite difficult to label, but their knack for melodies and interesting music is undeniable.

The first song I heard by them was the super catchy "I remember what the light felt like" (partial mp3 clip), and that's still a favorite of mine. Their new record is a leap forward. When I reviewed it a few months ago, I said "the collection seems more expressive, more nuanced and, I expect, more long lasting."

With Dept of Energy you get melodies, but you also get a heaping helping of quirky pop that is serious in its delivery. They hit you with curve balls in arrangement and chord progressions. But, at no point to they make you think you're listening to a prog rock act. They're a pop band at their core.

They also put out lots of videos on You Tube. The one for their track "Story," from the latest disc, looks like something Devo would've released in 1981:

Robb Benson - Dept of Energy

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