Tuesday, June 26, 2007

SPB Anniversary countdown: Day 4

In today's edition of the countdown to the Seattle Powerpop Blog Anniversary Show (Friday, June 29 at the Sunset Tavern), I'm going to hit close to home by talking about Shake Some Action.

Shake Some Action was formed from the ashes of The Jeunes. Jeunes main man James Hall recorded the SSA primarily at home himself (with some assistance from currently guitarist David Bos). The current rhythm section, comprised of Chris Campbell on drums and yours truly on bass, came into the fold just as the SSA record was being finalized.

Shortly thereafter, the group starting hitting the clubs, and in December they played a show at the Crocodile Cafe, which they recorded. Today is the official release date of the Shake Some Action "Live at the Crocodile." It's currently a digital-only release through iTunes.

We're currently writing material for the second SSA studio album, and we'll be playing a few of those new songs at the show on Friday. But, I'm most excited about our cover of The Heaters' "She Belongs To Me." A few of the Heaters have said they're coming to the show, too. No pressure. :)

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