Thursday, June 21, 2007

SPB Anniversary countdown: Day 8

Only eight days left in the countdown to the Seattle Powerpop Blog Anniversary Show. The event is happening at the Sunset Tavern on June 29 and features a bevy of cool folks doing their own music plus music from another bevy of cool folks.

In this countdown, each day I'm picking something related to the show to talk about. Today, it's Andy Werth.

To be straight up honest, I don't know that much about Andy. I know he's a transplant from Colorado to Seattle. I know he put out a three-song EP of ridiculously catchy music last year. And I know he's second on the bill at the Seattle Powerpop Blog Anniversary show.

I also know I did an interview with him for the blog that I posted back on January 8 in which I learned that he planned to do more Christmas shopping throughout the year so as to avoid piling it all up in December. Andy, how's that going so far? It's June, you know!

Here's a partially clipped mp3 to give you a taste of his tunes. This one is called "You're Going To Be a Star" and it demonstrates Andy's Brian-Wilson-meets-Burt-Bacharach style.

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