Sunday, July 29, 2007

Andy Werth, The Lonely Forest, SSA photos

The Mars Bar hosted a show with The Lonely Forest, Andy Werth and Shake Some Action last night. Of course, being in SSA, I was there. So, I snapped some photos. It was pretty quiet, most likely due to the Cap Hill Block Party going on (the same could be said for the Scheme/Dept of Energy/Riffbrokers show on Friday). But, it was still a fun night of music.

The Lonely Forest opened the night and perhaps purchased themselves the crown of "loudest bass/drums/piano trio on the planet." Seriously. It was a good show, but they're a punk-rock-volume piano trio! I snapped some photos. But as is often the case when I shoot photos, they were not good shots. So, when in doubt, play around in photoshop.

For example, I made the bass player look like that scene out of Star Wars when Han Solo gets frozen by Jabba The Hut. Compare below:

Han Solo:

Bass player from The Lonely Forest:

Pretty close, huh? :)

Here's a less science fiction shot of their piano player:

Andy Werth and his band came on second, and they had a good contingent of friends, family and fans in attendance. One thing that I think is great about Andy (beyond his great songwriting) is that he is able to appeal to folks who don't normally just hang out at rock clubs.

Anyway, the two regular trumpet players were not able to make the show due to separate emergencies. So, Andy had two other fellows sitting in with him. Apparantly they just got together a few nights ago and charted out their stuff. But, it sounded great even with them being new.

Andy's trumpet players (sorry, I didn't catch your names)

Andy Werth

Shake Some Action took the stage last. We decided to make this a night of "b-sides and rarities." So, instead of our normal set, we played four new songs, three cover tunes and a few tracks from the record that we don't play as often, like "Orange Peel" and "You've Got It Made." It was a pretty sloppy/rockin' set, but it was a lot of fun.

I snapped this shot of James as we walked off of stage. Being drenched in sweat is usually a sign of a good show.

Shake Some Action - James Hall

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