Monday, July 09, 2007

Bumbershoot announces full line up

I'm two days late posting this, because they actually made the announcement on Saturday. But, I wasn't on the computer much this weekend. Here are the bands that are on the Bumbershoot bill that I might normally pay close attention to:

Saturday, Sept 1
The Shins
Crowded House
The Lashes
Central Services

Sunday, Sept 2
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Kings of Leon
The Trucks
Apples in Stereo
Stars of Track and Field

Monday, Sept 3
The Blakes
Ted Leo & the Pharmacists
Shake Some Action
Fleet Foxes

Anyone else on the bill you're excited about?

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Roky Erickson is playing this year!!! I couldn't care who else is playing (although I am looking forward to seeing Seaweed and Steve Earle too). Roky is a guy I figured I'd never get to see sing, since some 20 years ago the rumors were he could barely hold a conversation due to mental illness.
I don't care who is playing at the same time as Roky, if you miss him you don't deserve to call yourself a music fan.