Sunday, July 15, 2007

Curtains For You and Friday Mile photos

I headed down to the High Dive last night to take in the Curtains For You/Friday Mile/Andy Werth show. It was a packed house (congrats!) and about a million degrees in the room. Overall a great line up with three bands that I like very much.

On first was Curtains For You, a band I only recently found. They are a really solid outfit that use interesting sounds and rely on a constant shuffle beat to churn out mid-tempo tunes that sound a little bit like Jellyfish if they had listened to a lot of Stephen Foster and New Orleans dirges. Go listen to their song "The Big One" on myspace if you don't believe me. I know it sounds like an odd mix. But, it's quite cool.

Here's a shot of Matthew (I think that's his name):

Matthew - Curtains For You

You can find more Curtains For You photos on this flickr page.

On second was Friday Mile. Normally I dig these guys to the high heavens, but I wasn't feeling it on this night. I think it was because by the time they started their set, I was surrounded by people who were unfamiliar with the concept of personal space. Now, it was a well-attended rock show. So, it's not like I need a 4-foot no fly zone. I only ask that people not continually elbow me, or at least if they're going to elbow me that they occasionally make eye contact to acknowledge that they're hitting me. Maybe flash that "sucks that it's hot and crowded" kind of knowing smile?

But, instead, I was made grumpy by the heat and the crowd and the elbows and my own inability to take any decent photos. So, when Friday Mile started having technical difficulties midway their their set -- which appeared to actually be a problem with the High Dive's system, not Friday Mile's -- I took the opportunity to head home.

Thus, I need to apologize to Andy Werth and his gang. Y'all know I love what you do. But, I didn't get to stick around for it on this night.

I guess there's nowhere to go from here in this blog post. So, here's a shot of Jace from Friday Mile during the first half of their set.

Jace - Friday Mile


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