Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fourth radio widget playlist added

I've added a fourth playlist via a radio widget here on the blog. See those little black boxes on the right, above the show poster? You can click each one to hear a five-song set of Seattle powerpop favorites.

The fourth playlist includes:

The Scheme - "You Let Me Go"
The Conversation Heart - "Misery is Flattery"
The Doll Test - "Sing Without Sound"
The Knast - (title unknown... can anyone help?)
Green Pajamas - "She Turns Me On"

My plan is to keep four playlists on the site at all times, but I'll continue to create new ones and rotate the playlists that are available for listening.

Bands, as always, feel free to send me an mp3 or two to the email address in the graphic at the top of this page for possible inclusion. Listeners, as always, I apologize for the occasional inconsistency in volume between songs. The system I'm using to create these has shortcomings.

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