Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Hungry Pines video & Stranger props

The Hungry Pines are the "featured local band" today over at the Stranger. Clicking through to their band page I love their description of themselves as a totally "blissed-out version of Thin Lizzy."

[blogger update: The Stranger now has an entire Lineout post dedicated to the Hungry Pines... and it looks a lot like this one -- song link, video link and all! Great minds think alike.]

There are songs clips available on their band page, as well, including "me and the city," which is one of my faves.

They're headlining the next SPB Powerpop Night at the Mars Bar on August 4 (with The Femurs and The Upskirts). So, I'm tickled to see them getting more attention. Congrats guys and gals!

Here's some video of them performing last week at the High Dive:

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jaycox said...

hungry pines are awesome and super nice.