Monday, July 23, 2007

Northgate Silver Platters robbed

The Stranger's Line Out blog has a post about the robbery of the Northgate Silver Platters yesterday. Apparently it was a pretty targeted deal:

“It was basically the whole section of Blu-ray,” says SP Vice President Mike Batt. “We’re one of the main vendors that carry Blu-ray in Seattle, and they took pretty much everything in the section.”

With each disc going for about $34.99-$39.99 a pop, Batt says it’s the biggest hit Silver Platters has ever taken.

“Usually the people are flustered and they grab a few CDs here and there, but these people seemed to know what they were doing.”

I searched around and can't find this covered in other local media outlets. So, I thought I'd help spread the word here. Per Line out:

If you have information about the crime, e-mail Bott at, or notify the Northgate store manager, Justin, at 524-3472.

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