Friday, July 13, 2007

Rock Lottery is tomorrow

I completely messed up my internal calendar, because I had convinced myself that Rock Lottery was taking place *next* weekend. But, it's actually tomorrow. Holy cow!

What is Rock Lottery, you ask? It is a rediculously fun experiment. 25 musicians arrive at Neumos tomorrow morning at 10am. Bands are randomly formed among these musicsians by something akin to pulling names out of a hat. Although each band is guaranteed a drummer, the remaining parts of the band are left to chance. So, it might be a drummer and four bassists. Or it might be a drummer, two vocalists, two piano players and someone playing the triangle. Hard to say.

But, after the bands are formed they will have the remainder of the day to craft a three- to five-song set, which gets performed the same evening (again, at Neumos tomorrow night -- Saturday the 14th).

I'm a big fan of this concept, and if it doesn't sound cool enough as it is, it's also a benefit for the VERA project.

Here is the full list of musicians who will make up the Rock Lottery 2007:

Participants include:
Charles Leo Gebhardt IV (White Nights, The Catheters, Tall Birds)
Choklate (Choklate)
Craig Flory (Trio Bar Tabac, The Suffering Fuckheads, The Syncopated Taint Septet, Combo Craig)
Damien Jurado (Damien Jurado)
David Terry (Aqueduct)
Edmund O'Brien (Key Note Speaker, American School of Warsaw)
Elie Goral (Raz Rez, Backstabbers, Blackbelt)
Eric Elbogen (Say Hi to your Mom)
Eren Jorgenson (Reversion, The French Project)
Heidi Wischler (Shiftless Layabout, The Red Note, Big Dog Revue, Randy Oxford Blues Band)
Jared Clifton (Radio Nationals)
Jen Wood (Jen Wood)
John Ackermann ("Awesome", The Half Brothers, Yukon Cornelius, Upsoyo)
Josh Evans (Felicia Loud and the Soul, Maroon Colony)
Katharina Tunicata (The Sea Donkeys, Kaliningrad, Big Tribal Balls, I love Canada, Seattle City Gamelan)
Kirk Bentley (Pleasurecraft, Chadwick, The Cinematics)
Levi Fuller (Levi Fuller, The Luna Moth)
Marie Calderon (H is for Hellgate)
Michaela Brangan (Sun Vow, The Maldives)
Nat Damm (Akimbo, Tight Bros From Way Back When, Automaton Adventure Series)
Nate Mooter (The Lashes, Kay Kay & His Weathered Underground, Strong Killings)
Rick Kowai (Jonny Sonic & the Eclectics, FULL)
Rob Knop (Harvey Danger, Novatone, Hill People, Milk and Money)
Sam Kirk - (The Goondocks, The Red Note)
Sean Lowry (Tennis Pro)


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