Friday, July 13, 2007

Saying "I'm Sorry" to Sorry

Last week I posted about a July 3rd show that featured Junkmail, The Capillaries, the Small Change and Sorry. At the time, all I could muster about Sorry was:

"I have to admit I have no idea who the band Sorry is. Anyone know?"

They were very sweet in posting a comment that said they were happy to have been mentioned on the blog. Of course, as you can see above, it wasn't much of a mention. But, having just received their 2006 full-length in the mail, I can attest that they warranted more column inches blog space than I could provide at the time.

Let it be known that I dig this record a lot. It's not particularly timely of me to say so, since it was released in December 2006 (I think). But, I can't concern myself with being timely right now. Did anyone review this record when it came out? If so, how the heck did I miss it? And why can't I find anything other than a single review on when I google? Perhaps you've simply cursed yourself with a band name that cannot be easily googled?

Anyway, guys, if no one reviewed your record when it came out, you were robbed and its their loss, because you have contributed to the world a 1.2 mm thick polycarbonate disc that is truly a pleasant pop experience.

Sorry seems to have a Bellingham pop fetish. They include The Posies, The Pale Pacific, Death Cab and Dolour as among their favorite bands, and I can hear pieces of these groups in what their doing. But, they don't sound derivative or lacking in creativity. To my ears they sound like a band raised on equal parts powerpop (the Posies, Teenage Fanclub) and indiepop (Versus, True Love Always, the Lucksmiths). A good example of that is their song Orange Balloon.

They have some of the arrangements and chord structures of the latter, but some of the crunch and "oomph" of the former. I wonder if because they have a foot in each of these camps neither has really adopted them as their own? Hard to say. But, all and all, Sorry is melodic and harmony driven and really darn good. I'm definitely looking forward to having them on my radar more frequently in the future.

I dont know how I missed you when this was released in 2006. But, I'm sorry (...ahem) to have done so. Heck, for that matter I'm sorry for having not heard of you guys, even though you've been at it since, what, 2002? In any case, consider me your new champion.

Photo credit: Sorry/Alex Edelman

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