Thursday, July 19, 2007

Seattle Powerpop Radio

The title of this blog post is a little misleading, because it's not really radio, per se. But, you'll notice some new widgets over on the right. If you click the play button on them, you'll hear a sampler of Seattle powerpop music. Each one is about 17 minutes long, with five songs from bands past and present.

I was able to create four of them last night. But, I only uploaded two of them to the site for now. I found doing it like this is easier than formally podcasting. So, I think I'll probably do new ones every so often. Bands, feel free to send me your mp3 files to the email address in the graphic on the top banner for inclusion.

The playlists for the first two are:

Playlist 1
The Small Change - "Cheating a Cheat"
Shake Some Action! - "What You Want Me To Do"
Young Sportsmen - "Chavez"
The Riffbrokers - "Apology"
The Capillaries - "Love Conquers Some"

Playlist 2
Tiny Volcano - "Loaded Gun"
Central Services - "Four Letter Word"
Model Rockets - "Daredevil Girl"
Ghosts & Liars - "We'll Carry On"
The Heaters - "She Belongs To Me"

Apologies in advance for the variation in some of the track levels, especially The Heaters song. I'm working on better pseudo-mastering for future playlists.

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Anonymous said...

This was a very cool blog. I just discovered it recently and am sorry to hear of its demise. Long live the Heat(er)s! Also, the Rangehoods!!