Monday, July 16, 2007

Shows for week of 7/16

Rock shows, rock shows, everywhere.

Tuesday, July 17
Electric Tape, Elba and Fox Hollow at the High Dive

Thursday, July 19
There's something called the Rock and Roll Go Go Show happening at Can Can. Anyone know what this is?

Tegan and Sara are at the Triple Door, but I think it's sold out.

Agent Orange is at El Corazon. Not powerpop, but I have fond memories from my teenage skateboarding years.

Friday, July 20
Paper Dolls, Cute Lepers Thee Maniuplators and The Heels at the Funhouse

You Am I is opening for Silverchair at the Showbox, and I believe it's sold out.

Prosser, the Broker Letters and Cheifly are at the Mars Bar

Brides of Obscurity a several other bands are at the High Dive

Speaker Speaker and several other bands are at Ground Zero in Bellevue

Saturday, July 21
The Apple War and Junkmail are at the Blue Moon

Sunday, July 22
Four o'Clock Rock at the Sunset, featuring the Bug Nasties, The Lund Bros and more.

I can't say I know much about the Apple War. But, if this photo from their recent video shoot is any indication, it looks like a fun group. :)

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Anonymous said...

i just bought youami tickets thru ticketmaster. i don't think its sold out.