Sunday, August 05, 2007

Femurs/Upskirts/Hungry Pines photos

The SPB Powerpop Night at Mars Bar last night was a pretty rockin' time. The crowd wasn't as large as some that I've held there, and the poor Femurs played to a most-empty room. But, by the time the Hungry Pines took the stage to close out the night, it was respectable.

Here are some snapshots:

The Femurs - Colin Femur

The Femurs - Rob & Colin (and Rob's Voldemort-esque counterpart self)

While this was technically The Upskirt's final show. It was, in fact, a show by the band Emblematic. They really only played one Upskirts tune. So, it was a bit of a bait and switch act. But, it was still a good set, so who cares . :)

The Upskirts/Emblematic - Brad

The Upskirts/Emblematic - guitar close up

The Hungry Pines closed out the night with a strong set. After I got home I realized who these guys kind of remind me of, locally -- Cantona. Imagine Cantona with more distortion and with tighter arrangements.

The Hungry Pines - Irene and Bryce

The Hungry Pines - Chrysti

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Thanks for the fun night
Cheers, B