Saturday, August 18, 2007

Funny sidenote

I just got in from seeing the Young Sportsmen CD release show (photos and thoughts coming tomorrow, likely). But, I happened to go to their website, and it totally hasn't been updated since back in June.

Bands crack me up. :)

[In fairness, their myspace page is up to date. But, still!]


Gwon said...

Hey dude, I was there too!

Sorry I missed you, but I represented right in front by the speaker! I'll shoot you some pix after I check 'em out.

Anonymous said...

those guys are ancient friends of mine. it's hard to be fast on the computer when all you care about is life and music. they showed their passion tonight.


Seattle Powerpop said...


I don't disagree that some folks are simply not computer-focused.

I just think perhaps they need to get someone to do their updating for them, because I'd hate to think there are people out there who might have missed that set last night because their page was outdated!

In truth, a lot of bands are crappy marketers, because it's a totally different skill set and mind set.