Friday, August 24, 2007

IPO rant

Okay, this turned into something longer than intended. So, I've scrolled back to the top to remind you that the International Pop Overthrow is starting in just over an hour from now. Things do run generally on time at the IPO. So, show up early at the Sunset Tavern and give those early bands some love!

Blogger update: I want to make it clear that I have no official role with the IPO, other than playing bass in The Scheme who is on the bill for tonight. So, the enthusiasm that I have for this event is as a fan, not a promoter.

[begin rant]

I know they serve a very different, much wider, audience than my humble blog. But, I can't help but be a little saddened that the major arts and entertainment papers in town both have healthy articles this week about Hall and Oates (here and here), when the IPO is happening and is not garnering much attention.

To their credit, Seattle Weekly included the IPO in their "short list" section. In fact, it was written by Rachel Shimp, the writer who also gave press to the SPB anniversary show in the Seattle Weekly. Note to self, add Rachel to the xmas card list!

Anyway, back to my point: I suppose I find it generally discouraging that the major print outlets for music in Seattle chose to dedicate ten times the word count to Hall and Oates than the IPO. I say that realizing that I'm as close to a 100% Seattle powerpop fanboy as you can get. I know there's a lot to see and do and hear in this town. So, I understand the concept of competition. But, two full-length articles on Hall and Oates? Really?

I've had a some folks from a few media outlets congratulate me for filling a niche. So, I appreciate that they recognize that there is a niche to fill! But, I also know that my hit counts are a drop in the bucket compared to others' readership, and that's a bummer. Not because I want more hits, but rather because these bands deserve more attention.

[end rant]


Anonymous said...

If it's any consolation, I worked at the EMP during a sound-check/rehearsal of Hall & Oates that lasted for 5 hours. 5 of their songs for 5 hours. I saw the article in The Stranger, and was shuddering the whole time. With such a wealth of good music in this town getting little to no press, it's amazing to see that much space dedicated to has-beens (albeit talented has-beens). Grrr... anywho, IPO should be a blast.

Anonymous said...

What are you suprised about, most of the so called press are old lazy TARDS. It is easier to write (copy from AMG BIO) about an old band than do any investigation about newer bands. The IPO people should have provided several pre-written articles for the lazy tards abuse, to have any hope of making a mention in the paper. Feel lucky though, here in Houston we have have a waste land of Rappers and noise bands. The IPO will NEVER be held in Houston due to the lack of bands and interest. I want a good report!!!

Thanks for the Blog Jim

Anonymous said...

Don't become discouraged. You are doing good work for the Seattle music scene. Sometimes it takes a long time for wide recognition to occur, but continued good work will triumph and be recognized. Thank you for your positive attitude and tireless efforts. I and many of my friends appreciate it.

Seattle Powerpop said...

To anonymous commenter #3, I'm not discouraged, but instead disappointed.

Jim at #2 is probably correct in some ways. But, it's not so simple as he spells it out. The Hall and Oates pieces were not cut-and-paste from AMG, they were well-written and thought out.

I just think it sucks that they'd rather spend that time on H&O than the IPO.

But, last night rocked, as will the rest of the weekend. So, it's ultimately their loss. :)