Thursday, August 23, 2007

IPO Seattle begins tomorrow!

First a quick note: If you're in downtown Seattle today, head to the free Visqueen show at the City Hall Plaza at noon.

The rest of your weekend should be based around happenings at the Sunset Tavern, which is hosting the second annual International Pop Overthrow. The IPO, for those that don't know its history, was started eight or nine years ago in Los Angeles, and it has now expanded to eleven different cities. 2006 was the first year it was held in Seattle.

Playing the degrees-of-separation game here... the IPO is named after the classic album by Material Issue, who had a minor hit with "Kim The Waitress," which is actually a song by the great Seattle powerpop band The Green Pajamas. Coming full circle with it, Green Pajamas are playing the Seattle IPO this year!

The IPO schedule has changed a few times since it was first posted. So, here's what we know for now:

Friday, August 24
8:00 Beyond Veronica
8:30 The Scheme
9:00 Young Sportsmen
9:30 The Small Change
10:00 Stuporhero
10:30 The Sterling Loons
11:00 The Tripwires

Saturday, August 25
7:30 Smile Brigade
8:00 Emilio Banda
8:30 The Broadcast Debut
9:00 The Capillaries
9:30 Andy Werth
10:00 Twink The Wonder Kid
10:30 The Snakebites
11:00 Amateur Lovers

Sunday, August 26
7:30 Edmonton Block Heater
8:00 Andrea Wittgens
8:30 Bipolar Star
9:00 J Minus
9:30 Before Cars
10:00 TBA
10:30 Phamous Phaces
11:00 Massive Habit

Monday, August 27
7:30 Sweet Diss And The Comebacks
8:00 Blackout 101
8:30 The Cheats
9:00 Lund Brothers
9:30 The Green Pajamas
10:00 Jimm McIver
10:30 Gary Reynolds & The Brides Of Obscurity
11:00 Ionesco

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