Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Llama, Lunds and Lynde on Friday

There's a great show happening on Friday featuring Llama, The Lund Bros and Paul Lynde Fan Club.

Llama is supposed to have a new recording coming out sometime this summer. Hopefully it's sooner rather than later, as I'm excited to hear it. Llama has just the worst myspace page whatsoever... it doesn't even mention the show this Friday. So, don't let their lack of marketing keep you from attending the show.

This show is a typical Seattle connect-the-musician-dots line up. Scott Sutherland is in both Llama (on bass) and Paul Lynde Fan Club (on guitar). Lisa King in the bass player in Paul Lynde Fan Club, and she was in Pure Joy with Rusty Willoughby (main man on guitar in Llama). And hat tip to Gwon, who pointed out that Jim Hunnicutt plays drums with both Llama and Paul Lynde Fan Club.

The Lund Bros, as far as I know, will only be on stage during the Lund Bros set. I'm sure I've posted this before, but here's some video of their Cheap Trick-esque stylings at the High Dive:


Gwon said...

Hey Gary,

You forgot that Jim plays drums in both Llama and PLFC.


Seattle Powerpop said...

Oh... I missed that! Thanks!