Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Photos: IPO Day 4

Here's my last round of photographs from the 2007 International Pop Overthrow in Seattle. I didn't last the entire night. But, I did manage to see four bands before needing to pack it in. So, apologies to Jim McIver, Brides of Obscurity and Ionesco.

I arrived at the Sunset in time to catch a few songs by Blackout 101. I had forgotten about this tiny trio of teen (pre-teen?) rock tots. I stick by last year's assessment that the guitar player is going to be a rock star when he grows up... or at least get lots of chicks.

The Cheats were on second, and I actually enjoyed them more this year than I did last year. It's still not entirely my cup of tea, but they're good at what they do.

The Lund Brothers were on third, and they once again rocked my socks off. I think these guys are best described as a combo of The Posies and Cheap Trick. It definitely seems like they're informed by 1970s "hard rock," but they're so dang melody and harmony driven that it never ceases being catchy. The picture of their bassist Gwon is perhaps the best photo I took at this year's IPO.

The Green Pajamas were on fourth and were the last band I managed to see before heading home and heading to bed. It's amazing that they're still at it, some 20 years after starting. This was my first chance to see them live and they didn't disappoint. They have a classic psych pop sound that is simultaneously swirly and direct. I dug it.

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