Sunday, August 19, 2007

Photos: Young Sportsmen

It was a busy rock and roll weekend. In addition to the Friday show at the Comet, I went down to the Sunset Tavern to catch the CD release show for Young Sportsmen. Obviously I dedicated a crapload of blog space to these guys this past week (scroll down the page if you missed my three-part interview/cd review). So, I won't say much much, except this:

If there is one word that describes their set last night it's "triumphant." There was a great turnout, and they played their usual great set set. They played the entire album in-order (save for the final song of the set, which isn't on the album), and the audience just gave them more and more love with each passing song. I hope this album explodes.

Wesley and Ryan - Young Sportsmen

Richard and Wesley - Young Sportsmen

Jeff (and Richard's hand) - Young Sportsmen

Ryan - Young Sportsmen

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