Thursday, September 06, 2007

Curtains For You and others on Saturday

Hat tip to another anonymous poster who told me that Curtains For You, C'mon C'mon and Love Lights are at the Sunset Tavern on Saturday. Seems like a solid show.

I've written about Curtains For You a bunch. So, hopefully you're on board with them already. C'mon C'mon has a video up for you to check out (see below).

And it turns out that The Love Lights, who are from Bellingham, will be on Audioasis this Saturday after I spin a set. So, you can get a sneak preview of their live show by tuning in. I dig what I'm hearing on their myspace page.

Here's that C'mon C'mon video. It's kind of rough (guitar needs tuning, druming is a bit shaky), but it's pretty darn catchy.

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