Thursday, September 27, 2007

Iceage Cobra loses bassist

This just came to me via a press release:

Seattle rock purists Iceage Cobra - Jordan West (guitar/vocals), Brad Kaufman (bass/vocals), Metch Brasch (drums/vocals) - released their debut full-length, "Brilliant Ideas from Amazing People" (Heavy Soul Records) earlier this year, and have toured relentlessly since the album's release.

The band had a West Coast/Midwest tour booked for October and November. However, due to the departure of bass player Brad Kaufman, who has left Iceage Cobra for personal reasons, the band has been forced to cancel the second half of their West Coast dates and their Midwest dates. The first five dates of the West Coast tour, however, are still happening as planned. Joe Reineke, former lead singer/guitarist of The Meices/Alien Crime Syndicate, will be filling in on bass for these five shows. After the tour, the band will be auditioning new bass players.

Iceage Cobra are known in and around Seattle for being rock purists. Always growing tighter as a band with each show, these guys are sure to inspire fist-pumpin' and drink-spillin' all over the place. And with "Brilliant Ideas from Amazing People", their debut full-length, released on Seattle-indie Heavy Soul Records, they plan to extend their reach and get people all over the U.S. talking up their ferocious, sweaty brand of rock.

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