Saturday, September 08, 2007

My KEXP experience

I just got home from my stint on KEXP's Audioasis. I'd like to send a big ol' shout out to Sharlese, who invited me to come on and spin some songs and talk music. I had fun on the show, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

I didn't get to play as many tracks as I had hoped, and I prepared for way more than I knew I'd have time for. I had 14 songs ready to roll, and I ended up playing seven. Here's the set:

The Small Change - "Downtown in a Restaurant"
Young Sportsmen - "Her Independent Feature"
The Boss Martians - "Oh, Angela"
The Pranks - "Modern Communication"
The Tripwires - "I Hear This Music"
The Green Pajamas - "She Turns Me On"
The Color Bars - "Id Incinerator"

If I had another half hour, I would have played tracks by Lund Bros, Model Photographer, The Capillaries, Steve Pearson and British Racing Green, Curtains For You, Tiny Volcano and Sorry. Maybe next time!

You can hear my time on the show via their website. Just go to the Streaming Archive and search for date and time - Sept 8, 7:00pm. It's not there as I'm posting this. But, I imagine it will be relatively soon.


Greg Collinsworth said...

Much Love from The Small Change camp! You rule, Gary.

Anonymous said...

While loading up to head to the Sunset, I caught about half of the show. Great job! Now how can we make this a regular thing?

Peter (of Curtains For You)

Anonymous said...

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