Monday, September 10, 2007

Pattin' myself on the back

I was just looking some stuff up on, and I feel quite proud to have been the first person to ever play The Tripwires on KEXP. If you haven't seen it, the site allows you to search the KEXP playlists by band and timeframe.

Here are the searches for the last month of the bands that I was able to play on Audioasis:

The Small Change
Young Sportsmen
The Boss Martians
The Pranks
The Tripwires
The Green Pajamas
The Color Bars

My set was the first spin of the month for all of these folks except for The Color Bars (one other play in the last 30 days), and the Young Sportsmen, whose new disc has thankfully been getting some play! I'm really happy to have been able to get some of these folks on the air.

Okay, that's enough patting myself on the back. I hope my little visit there spurs some of the DJs to play more of them!


Anonymous said...

Bravo! You are a true treasure in the Seattle music scene. Your positive attitude toward new and emerging artist's is a welcome addition to an all too often jaded and self serving music press. Kudos to you. Keep up the (very) good work.

Unknown said...

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