Saturday, September 01, 2007

Seattle Nightlife regulations update

I've been vaguely following the ongoing development of these new Seattle Nightlife regulations/restrictions. That's been harder in recent weeks, because the SNMA hasn't updated their website since August, and I was (albeit lazily) relying on them for info.

But, someone over on the ForceWeb forums just posted a link with some official city gibberish updates. You can read those updates here.

According to that site, here are the things that have been put into place as of now:

The Council’s package has four main elements: 1) A new nightlife enforcement unit that could issue fines and respond to neighborhood resident complaints; 2) the strengthening of the City’s existing nuisance code; 3) a new requirement that large nightclubs prepare a safety plan; and 4) legislation requesting that the Mayor’s staff research and report back to Council with recommendations concerning club security staff training, zoning, promoter licensing, and new enforcement authority held by the Washington State Liquor Control Board.

The devil is no doubt in the details, though, especially with number two on that list.

That site also contains a variety of links to ordinances and resolutions that will be considered in September. But, I've got to admit, I'm such a skeptic of governments' intentions that a line like this one is scary to me:

In September, the Economic Development and Neighborhoods Committee will also consider “smartening” Seattle noise code as it applies to clubs at a future meeting.

What the hell is "smartening?" Sounds like code to me.

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Anonymous said...

"Smarting" How can we be more effective at shutting down the local music scene. The problem we have in Houston is the Developers build new townhouses right next to and behind clubs on what are mixed use areas and the new owners complain of the noise although the clubs were there for years before. These same idiots are doing the same thing to Austin and it is ruining the music scene there too. The music venues where run off of Sixth St to Red River and now the developers have built town homes right next to the venues because the land was cheap. I still do not understand the people who buy these houses, just what are they thinking. I'll buy a house next to an outdoor music club and not hear music till 2 AM, Just Nuts.
Some of the clubs could help themselves out by installing some sound insulation and not allowing the bands play through ridiculously loud 100W guitar amps and 300W bass amps. It would also be nice to see a band play without having to ware earplugs. But getting some guitar players to give up their 100W Marshall is like taking candy from a baby. Well enough of the rant