Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Shows for week of 9/4

September, September, September. How did you arrive so quickly? Did you catch an earlier flight or something? I wasn't expecting you for a while. But, here you are! As if on cue, it was rainy and gray this morning. Is it fall already?

And if that isn't bad enough, wait, what's this? Are there literally no powerpop shows happening this week? This might be a first since I started the blog. Anyone? What am I missing?


Anonymous said...

How about Spoon tonight (9/5) at the Showbox? Maybe not exactly Powerpop but they are a really great band.

Anonymous said...

How about Slender Means at the downtown Seattle Art Museum on Thursday at 7PM ?


Anonymous said...

BTW - The downtown Art Museum is free today - the first Thursday of the month

Anonymous said...

Curtains For You has just anounced a Saturdy show at the Sunset on thier MySpace page. The show starts at 10pm. They'll be sharing the bill with C'mon C'mon and Love Lights. Looks like a good bill.