Thursday, October 04, 2007

ReverbFest this weekend

The Seattle Weekly is sponsoring "ReverbFest" this weekend (Saturday, October 6) in Ballard at a variety of venues. There are a number of bands on the bill(s) worth checking out.

I have to say, I could not for the life of me find a simple, snapshot version of the weekend's calendar on their website. When I was reading the print version, it was quite simple. But, not so much online. After much ado, I found one.

So, here are my recommendations for how you should spend the day:

4pm at Sonic Boom - The King's English (glammy pop rock)
6pm at Lock 'n' Keel - The Knast (rock with a sneer and a melody)
7pm at The Sunset - Fleet Foxes (melodic swirly americana)
8pm at Sonic Boom - Central Services (pleasant indiepop with moments of grit)
9pm at Conner Byrne - The Tripwires (a twangy, pubrock Big Star)
10pm at Conner Byrne - Shane Tutmarc (Americana from Dolour's main guy)
11pm at The Tractor - Boss Martians (energetic garage powerpop)
Midnight at The Tractor - Girl Trouble (garage rock comin' off the rails)

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