Thursday, October 04, 2007

Shorthand For Epic hiatus

Hat tip to Three Imaginary Girls for this, since I missed the original myspace bulletin, which read:

If you like the SFE at all, you'd better to come to our High Dive show on Saturday, October 13th.

Here are the reasons you need to come:

1) It is Stormi's birthday and you should buy her drinks and bring her presents.

2) The line up is totally the balls, as the kids would say, as we will be playing right between Ms. Led and The Ruby Doe, which is quite the rock sandwich

3) The aforementioned Ms. Led will be shooting their music video that night, so you have a chance to be captured forever on film ... in the Phantom Zone!!!

4) It is sponsored by Dewar's so cheap whiskey all night! Woot!

5) Last, but definitely not least, it will be our current bass player Larry's last show with the band. It is also, as we found out last night, our current drummer Stormi's last show with the band. As such, we will be going on hiatus for a while to recharge our batteries and figure out how to recalibrate the beast that is SFE. So this will be your last chance to see us play for an indeterminate length of time. Get it while the getting's good.

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