Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Review: The Purrs' "the chemistry that keeps us together"

The combination of being busy at work and getting a bunch of CDs within a week of each other nearly caused me to forget I had the new disc by The Purrs in my hot little hands! Thankfully my pal Chris reminded me that this Friday (November 9) is their release party at the Sunset Tavern.

So, after band rehearsal tonight I came right upstairs, searched three or four rooms and finally found the disc, which had been placed on a table where I supposedly wouldn't forget about it. Funny how that never works. But, in any case, the disc is in my player as I'm typing, and what follows is a relatively incoherent set of thoughts about it.

If you've been living on mars or are perhaps new to Seattle rock music, here's the 411 on The Purrs: They're the best swoony/gazy/druggy/swirly pop band in town. They are dreamy and semi-psychedelic, but also melodic and expansive. I won't go as far as to say their sound is "epic," but they're always reaching and stretching and grasping but never quite reaching the outer limits of their sound. And I mean that in a really good way.

This disc, titled the chemistry that keeps us together sounds more crisp and sparkly that their previous recordings, and a few songs feel like 1970s-era Bowie. But, I suppose right now I'm hearing primarily a mix of the Verve and Mazzy Star with Jima's droll delivery replacing Hope Sandoval's.

The recordings really allow them to bring different textures and layers to the forefront, such as the effective use of organ and delay on "you don't look so good," the gurgling drone of "disconnected," and the percussive push of "miles away."

For me, the disc is ideal for either chilling on rainy afternoon, coming down after a long night on the town on a Saturday night, or getting revved up before heading out. Live, the whole thing kicks up a notch and rocks a little harder. So, be sure to head out to the Sunset this Friday to see them release the disc.

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