Thursday, December 13, 2007

The booking agent merry-go-round

I didn't write anything about the recent "controversy" (I use quotations because I don't know how contentious it actually is, since all my info is second and third hand) over the departure of Pete Greenberg from his booking duties at the Crocodile.

But, I did just learn this from TIG, sent by Kris K the now-former booker at Chop Suey:

"I'm writing to inform you that I will be leaving my position at Chop Suey at the end of December. I'm very happy to announce that Pete Greenberg, who recently departed the Crocodile Café, will be taking my place.

I have been at Chop Suey for a year now and am very proud of my time here. I have navigated the club through a very difficult transition period. I have been pleased to work with all the promoters and artists that have come through such as The People's Republic of Komedy, the Broken Disco crew, Club Pop, Comeback and Neumos. I have come to this decision, which was made about a month ago, simply due to what I want in life and taking a look at my long term goals and working for a club isn't part of those goals.

Pete comes over with a vast amount of experience of professionalism. He will still be working in tandem with Steven Severin and Jason Lajeunesse from Neumos making sure the best possible programming happens at Chop Suey. All regular programs and nights (Laff Hole, Broken Disco, Club Pop, Comeback) will still remain for the foreseeable future.

Pete will start at Chop Suey effective tomorrow, Friday Dec 14. I will remain as long as it takes to get him up to speed and introduce him to all the necessary people so as to make as smooth of a transition as possible.

Thanks to everyone for a great year. I hope to still see and/or work with you in some capacity in the future."


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