Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Cute Lepers performance video

Here's some video from The Cute Lepers performing their tune Terminal Boredom. Don't click play unless you have a high tolerance for distorted audio. If you'd rather hear it nice and "clean," just head over to their myspace page. Fun stuff, terrible band name. :)


Anonymous said...

cute lepers is a good band name; sorry if its not "scene enough" for you.
and by the way they fucking rock my socks off

Seattle Powerpop said...

"Scene enough?" That's hilarious. Since when has anything I've written here been motivated by such trivial things?

Hell, I'm about the least scenster type person there is!

I agree about them rocking socks off! But, I still think it's a crappy name. :)

Dan 10Things said...

Put me down in the "like it" category for the name Cute Lepers as well, it cracks me up when I think about it.

Dan 10Things said...

Put me in the "I like their name" category as well. The name is funny!