Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year, everyone! As 2008 begins, my thoughts are of resolutions. I'm not one for resolutions. But, for the purpose of this post, I am.

In 2008, I resolve to:

1. Get on a mac and switch to an iPod. I've been using this sansa 1gb mp3 player for however long, and it just isn't rocking for me anymore.

2. Get my lazy behind out to more shows. I was really good about seeing shows all year until around October. I've been to hardly any shows since then. I suck. Sorry bands, and sorry readers.

3. Do more band profiles and interviews. I haven't done one in a while, although they were common features during the first year of the blog.

That's it. No resolution to lose weigh. No resolution to be more social. No resolution to buy a new car.

But, I will have big news regarding my life to post very soon. So, keep your eyes peeled for that, if you care about such things.

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