Saturday, February 16, 2008

This week's post on KEXP

This week's post on KEXP is the last of my posts in the Rock n' Roll Pest Control series. As I say there, I'll continue blogging for them after I move. But, yesterday's is the last in the series. Check it out if you care to.


Greg Collinsworth said...

Gary - I hope you know how bummed we, The Small Change, (and me, Greg) are about you leaving Seattle. You have been a champion of fucking great rock and roll and you've given a shot in the arm to the other rock mags/blogs/outlets in this town. You write about shows that don't get written about, you review records that have unfairly not been reviewed and you, personally, play some fucking great rock and roll. I'm glad to count you as a friend and hope that we don't lose contact because The Small Change will never make enough money to afford to stay in a fancy hotel when we play back east. Therefore, we'll need your floor. We'll bring the wine. Your a gem, Gary. Thanks for everything and good luck.

Seattle Powerpop said...


Thanks for the kind words, my friend. It's really been my pleasure getting to be involved with all this great music. The scene has been a shot in the arm to ME, and I feel lucky to have been some small part of it.

If The Small Change ever find themselves in North Carolina, my floors are all yours. :)