Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tea Cozies

The amount of great Seattle bands, which can at least peripherally be considered power pop, never ceases to amaze me. It seems like I discover a new favorite just about every week. This week it’s Tea Cozies who play smart, quirky, rhythmic, punk spiked pop that reminds me of Elastica (one of my favorite bands of the ‘90s), Deerhoof and Blonde Redhead.

They have a new single Pretty Pages/R├ęglons, the former ostensibly about libraries and the latter about love. You can hear both sides over at Tea Cozies’ MySpace page along with some great songs from their self-titled EP.

I haven’t seen them live yet but by all accounts they put on an energetic, rocking show. They’ll be playing the Comet Thursday night with a few other bands that have a similar sound that I’ve also just discovered but think I really like: Danielli, Kiss Her For the Kid and Daguerreotypes.

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