Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tullycraft at Easy Street

My daughter Abbey and I went to Tullycraft’s in-store performance at Easy Street Records last Friday night. We both agree that it was a great show, short but sweet, a lot of fun and I have to say that for a “twee” band Tullycraft totally rock.

Their set was a nice mix of older material: “Wild Bikini”, “Josie” and songs from their latest album, the excellent Every Scene Needs A Center including “Georgette Plays a Goth”, “If You Take Away the Make-Up (Then The Vampires They Will Die)” and “The Punks Are Writing Love Songs”. All the songs had smart, witty lyrics, infectious melodies and lovely harmonies and were performed with lots of energy and exuberance.

Defying lead singer Sean Tollefson’s expectations of an audience of eight people there was a good-sized crowd including a handful of children and everyone seemed to really enjoy the show.

Here are a couple of pictures I managed to take before my camera went dead.

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